Start Conference in Jacksonville, FL

Pastor Vlad will be speaking at the annual START conference in Florida this February.

Location: Crossroad Church

Address: 10005 Gate Pkwy N Jacksonville, FL 32246

Feb 17th – 7pm

Feb 18th – 1pm

The event is not free.

Registration Required

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule

Feb 17th

7 pm
Evening Session

Feb 18th

1 pm
Sunday Service


Feb 17 - 18 2024


All Day
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  1. Hello Pastor Vlad, I’d love to talk to you over the phone to see if we can meet in person in Jacksonville so you can help me.
    I know that you can deliver people from ghost possessions. If I’m not possessed, it/they definitely follow me.
    It all started a year ago in January when I moved into an apartment that happened to be haunted. After three more apartments, they still come at night to sleep right next to me. Once they tried to forcefully possess me.
    My life has changed dramatically, I need your help. Would you please give me an appointment so we can talk on the phone? Thanks Pastor Vlad!

    1. Have you contacted any other Pastors or other brothers and sisters when two or three gather in his name he is in the midst rebuke those demons in the name of Jesus with your brothers and sisters, or the pastors. If he is not available jesus is always available God bless you.

  2. I am 41 years old? Can I come to this event in Jacksonville? I had been wanting to attend Pastor Vlad’s event and this time it is in the city I live. I know the event says young adult. What is the oldest age rage that can go?

  3. Hello Pastor, i am in London so i cant come. I love your teachings that is why i logged into your videos. I am 60 yrs old and a widow. I lost my husband some years back and i have held unto Jesus since i was young. Although, there were times i messed up as a teenager but i usually run back to the Lord. I totally gave my life to christ in my 20s and got married . The Lord blessed me with spiritual gifts of dreams and at times visions. I stayed faithful. My husband had colon cancer and i sought the face of God for healing. I trusted my hubby to the core. He doesnt drink, smoke and very friendly person. In March 2018 the Lord woke me and told me to meet him at my prayer altar. I was scared because i dont usually hear his voice loud and clear and i ran to my study room and was on floor asking for mercy for myself my two girls and my hubby. Then He spoke again i am taking away your husband and i will be with you abd i will strengthen you. I wept and started aski g for mercy if he had done anthing wrong. That was in March. In July 2018 after our 25 years anniversary which we could not celebrate because he was sick. A week after our 25 yrs my husband called me and said he had been cheating on me and i broke down like a pack of bricks. I just could not bear it. Because ge was ill i decided to forgive and looked after him till he died on 2nd Dec. It hurts even till now but i kept on telling the Lord that i forgiven him.
    How do i eradicate this pain totally from my heart so that i can move on.
    Please help.


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