April Fast

Join me on this 3-day fasting challenge this April.

I do a live stream at the start of the fast to provide some encouragement and teaching.

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The event is finished.


Apr 01 - 03 2024


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  1. ooops, missed the april fast.. will do the may one for 3 days.. am.-pm.. xxx used to do this in chilliwack for 30 days without foods.. the Lord showed me how , whom ever in the bible ate locusts an honey.. or as we say bees an honey.. pastor dave agreed after he spoke to the Lord about it.. an then shared with all. that might struggle.. ahhhh.. i am going to go back to that e-mail an see if i can get thru today.. hugs.. helena

    1. I believe he is doing water only but I think it is however you feel the Holy Spirit is leading you. I personally like to at least add vegetable broth, or green tea and maybe juice if I get weak or dizzy. But that’s just me, and only because I live in the country on land and am responsible for a lot of animals. But 3 days is not that long for water only.

    1. Here are a few things you can be praying about for the next three days shared by Pastor Vlad:

      Day 1: Spiritual Breakthrough: Ask God to reveal any areas of sin or barriers that are hindering your spiritual growth and come against it.

      Day 2: Breakthrough in Relationships: Intercede for the salvation of loved ones bound by addictions, false religion, and the spirit of unbelief.

      Day 3: Financial Breakthrough: Come against any financial curses/attacks and pray for God’s favor and open doors for new financial opportunities.

  2. April 1-3 ~ woo hoo ~ can’t wait!
    The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen:)

  3. Planning on this fast for April 1-3. I have never done a 3-day fast. Please pray that I would be successful and the God would speak to me through the process and provide deliverance and healing from my past sins and demonic struggles that are trying to destroy my life. I believe Jesus can deliver me!

  4. I am excited to join this fast too. I need deliverance from fear of man and anxiety. Also my daughter is getting married in a few weeks. There are so many witchcraft spells prayed against them that need to be broken. Coming from BOTH sides. I know who on my side is doing it, but not sure who on my future son in laws side. But both my daughter and son in law have the same dreams. And I will have an attack too because I am an intercessor. Both me and my husband keep getting attacked as well. I want to close any doors I may have opened and repent of anything in my life I have done to open the door to the enemy. I also need divine wisdom to know how to deal with certain individuals. And God’s grace and strength to do what HE wants me to do.

  5. I am in, I’ve been wanting to fast and truly believe this is The Fast, ABBA FATHER wants me to do. Prayers for nicotine addiction and for my family’s Salvation and Holy Spirit friendship 💕💕💕

  6. Good morning! I just started watching Pastor Vlad and was hooked. I binge watched at least 7 of his sermons yesterday. Praise God for his obedience to the call. I’m in Atlanta Georgia and will be joking this fast on the first. God bless everyone

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