5 Reasons To Read Your Bible

5 Reasons To Read Your Bible

When I was dating my wife (girlfriend at the time), we lived in different cities. Our main source of communication was via text. Within the first month of talking, I fell deeply in love with her. During that first month alone I realized that I had sent her over 9000...

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Heart Attack

Love flows from the heart. Leadership flows from the heart. Life flows from the heart. The Lord looks at the heart.

Do I Have a Demon If I Have Nightmares?

Being attacked in a dream is not a sign that you have demons. But the enemy loves to use nightmares to bring confusion and fear into our life so that when we are in our conscious state, we give him that open door to traumatize us.

Living in Someone’s Shadow

Being in the shadow is being in the shade. When you are in someone’s shadow – God is protecting you. Live a submissive life.

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