7 Steps to Renew Your Mind

7 Steps to Renew Your Mind

Many of us think that once our life is transformed, then our mind will be renewed. It is actually the other way around. When we were born, most of us came out of the womb, and into this world, head first. If you want to come out of unpleasant circumstances, limitation in career, stagnation in your ministry, your head has to come out first.

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If a Christian Commits Suicide Will They Go To Hell?

Suicide is a sin because it involves taking your own life. But this sin is not an unpardonable sin. Don’t look to death for your deliverance.

Plant Seeds, Pull Weeds, and Kill Snakes

For my 10 year anniversary, I composed 10 key lessons that me and my wife have learned. This is the first lesson.

Living in Someone’s Shadow

Being in the shadow is being in the shade. When you are in someone’s shadow – God is protecting you. Live a submissive life.

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