Alt. Text for Should Women Be Allowed to Preach in Church?
So what about women in ministry? Should women preach or teach? Should they hold a leadership role in the church? This is probably one of the most controversial topics that theologians have debated for centuries. Some denominations ordain women, while others oppose the practice. In no way will I be able to resolve this question in my short blog, but I would like to share my 2 cents worth since we do have women ministers on our stage at HungryGen... read more
Alt. Text for 13 Tips on More Effective Preaching
Preaching is God’s appointed means of communicating the Gospel. Jesus was a preacher and so was Paul. Preaching has great power, potential, and capacity to bring about change in individuals, institutions, and societies. .. read more
Alt. Text for Calling vs Career
You decide your career, but discover your calling. A career makes you money in order to survive, and a calling is what God has intended for you to do and accomplish. .. read more
Alt. Text for Jesus Napped, So Should You!
There are benefits to taking daily naps. Jesus napped, so should you!.. read more
Alt. Text for 10 Keys to Dealing with Difficult People
Whether you’re in ministry or on a job, married or in school, you will always be around people. Learning to relate to people is one of the greatest skills you can develop in your lifetime. And, learning to deal with difficult people is one of the greatest secrets to lasting success and happiness... read more
Alt. Text for Heart Attack
Love flows from the heart. Leadership flows from the heart. Life flows from the heart. The Lord looks at the heart... read more
Alt. Text for More Than Measure
While we might not decide what measure was given to us we do determine what we do with our attention. That decides our outcome... read more
Alt. Text for Living in Someone’s Shadow
Being in the shadow is being in the shade. When you are in someone’s shadow – God is protecting you. Live a submissive life... read more


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