Alt. Text for Building Holy Habits
Many of us are dealing with demons that didn’t start with us but with our parents, grandparents, and other ancestors. In fact, many of us are dealing with inclinations, attitudes, and problems that are generational. God deals with generational curses by disconnecting you from your family tree and connecting you to the destiny of His house. In the same manner,.. read more
Alt. Text for How a Christian Gains Life by Choosing Death
We can’t get the life of God in us through our own efforts. It’s truly a supernatural miracle that takes place. God gives us a new life by making our spirit alive through Christ–not through human effort or means–but by the sovereign, supernatural work we call salvation. All the benefits found in Scripture that we gain from salvation do not.. read more
Alt. Text for Why Discipleship is Important
Jesus’s ministry was fulfilled on earth through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and through discipleship. The gospels are full of the miracles, signs, and wonders that were displayed and caused the masses to follow Him. But His ministry didn’t just consist of displaying miracles. It consisted heavily of multiplying Himself among a few people. Then Jesus went about.. read more


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