by Vladimir Savchuk | January 30, 2023 | 8 mins | 0 Comments
Alt. Text for What Prayer Causes
by Vladimir Savchuk | 8 mins | 
Before Jesus moved to the valley to deliver the demon-possessed boy in Matthew 21, the Bible says that He was on top of the mountain and was praying to the Father. Something that stood out to me is that it says that as He was praying, His face changed.  Now it came to pass, about eight days after these sayings, that.. read more
Alt. Text for Building the Mental Power to Fast
by Vladimir Savchuk | 5 mins | 
Fasting is more challenging mentally than it is physically. If you want to succeed in fasting to deepen your faith and relationship with God, you will need to hold strong in your mind when the flesh and body try to get you to quit. An Experience of Mine While Fasting In the middle of my 40-day fast, I took a.. read more
Alt. Text for Fasting is Feasting on God
by Vladimir Savchuk | 6 mins | 
When I am fasting, the Lord reminds me that my body’s hunger is what my spirit feels when I am not feeding on spiritual food. It is like the Holy Spirit is saying: Finally, you can feel in your body what your real inward man is feeling when he’s deprived of nourishment. What sandwiches and roast beef are to my.. read more
Alt. Text for The Private Discipline of Fasting
by Vladimir Savchuk | 4 mins | 
Fasting is a private discipline that brings public reward. God Himself promised to reward you openly when you fast properly. The devil causes people to sin privately, but God teaches us to separate ourselves privately. Whatever we do in private will be seen in public; it’s only a matter of time. When I Grew Up As a kid growing up.. read more
Alt. Text for How to Biblically Humble Yourself
by Vladimir Savchuk | 4 mins | 
You may have heard the parable about the two ducks and a frog. On a farm, there was a frog and two ducks, and they were great friends. During the hot summer, the pond dried up. The ducks got ready to fly to another place, but they didn’t want to leave the frog behind. They came up with a brilliant.. read more
Alt. Text for The Secret About Fasting – You Must Know!
by Vladimir Savchuk | 4 mins | 
There is no power in fasting in itself! That may sound odd to you if you follow my ministry and have listened to or read my teachings on fasting, but I promise I can explain. Fasting alone has no spiritual power, it’s God, whom we draw closer to during fasting. He has all the power! My Fasting Story The first.. read more
Alt. Text for The ABC’s of Fasting
by Vladimir Savchuk | 6 mins | 
Biblical fasting is not starvation or an involuntary absence of food; it is abstaining from food for spiritual reasons. Fasting is not a hunger strike, and it is not a diet—a diet focuses on helping you lose weight, it is a spiritual discipline that draws you closer to God. Fasting helps to find fulfillment in God’s calling on your life,.. read more
Alt. Text for How to Do a Long Fast
by Vladimir Savchuk | 6 mins | 
In many Christian communities, the month of January has been set apart for the purpose of fasting. People purpose in their heart to abstain from food for to feed and strengthening their spirit. While there are a variety of ways that people can fast, one of the most common during this time is the extended twenty-one day fast. If you.. read more
Alt. Text for Wild Anointing
by Vladimir Savchuk | 12 mins | 
The second book of Kings talks about a man, Jehu, who seemed wild to many others, but God had deposited that within him and chosen him to defeat one the most wicked queens–Jezebel. Then he arose and went into the house. And he poured the oil on his head, and said to him, “Thus says the Lord God of Israel:.. read more
Alt. Text for Worship is Your Weapon
by Vladimir Savchuk | 9 mins | 
When you grow up hearing the story about the wise men, you usually think that they saw a star and then arrived at the manger to see baby Jesus lying there, surrounded by animals. That, however, is not the case. A closer dive into the past, shows that the wise men traveled around 800 miles and it took them around.. read more